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-Welcome ​to the Digispark ​wiki we'll fill this in as we finalize specs and info.+====== Digispark Series (Digispark and Digispark Pro) ====== 
 +[[digispark|Go ​to the Digispark ​and Digispark Pro section]] 
 +====== Oak by Digistump ====== 
 +[[oak|Go to the Oak section]] 
 +====== Holiday Lights Kits====== 
 +[[holiday|Go to the Holiday Lights section]] 
 +====== DigiX====== 
 +[[digix|Go to the DigiX section]] 
 +===== Wiki registration ===== 
 +To create an account to edit the wiki, register for the [[https://​​board/​index.php?​action=register|forum]] ​and then use that username and password to sign in here.
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