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Changing Your Oak's WiFi Settings

NOTE: If you have not used your Oak before you will need to complete these steps: Connecting your Oak for the first time

Entering Config Mode

The first step to changing your Oak's WiFi settings is entering config mode - you will know when you are there because the status LED on the Oak will blink in 3 blink bursts.

You can enter config mode the following ways:

  1. If your current WiFi settings are failing the Oak will enter automatically.
  2. If you connect Pin 1 to GND and then power on the Oak, and disconnect after about 3 seconds so you can see the LED blink since it shares the same pin.
  3. If you call Oak.rebootToConfig(); from a sketch (this allows you to have a button or similar to change wifi settings).

With your Oak powered up and in config mode you can proceed with the next section.

WiFi Configuration

  • Using a WiFi enabled computer or smart device, open a browser and go to:

    (Please force your browser to refresh to ensure you are using the newest copy of this page.)

  • Follow the wizard and ensure you complete the steps in the order stated.
  • Step 1: You will need to login with your credentials for Particle or register for a Particle account.

  • Step 2: Connect your system to the Oak. The SSID is ACORN-XXXXXX where the Xs are part of the MAC address.

  • Step 3: Choose your network to let the Oak connect to the internet.
    • NOTE: The WiFi network list will only show the first 10 networks the Oak can see, use the manual entry if your network is not listed.

  • Your Oak will now reboot and connect to the new settings, if they fail it will go back to config mode. If they work then it will run the currently loaded sketch, if there is not one it will return to config mode to await a sketch upload.
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