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Oak Pinout Diagram

Click image for fullsize diagram

General Notes:

Pin 10 is not PWM capable. Pins 0-9 are, and they also have internal pullups.

Pin 10 is also the [WAKE] pin. See also DeepSleep

Pins 0, 1, 2 and 4 must not be held low at boot. Be careful not to attach pull down resistors to them (pull-ups are fine) unless they are only active after power up. Pulling P1 to GND will enter safe mode (if configured to do so) allowing for recovery from bad code and allowing for the Oak to be reconfigured. Pulling P2 to GND will put the Oak in firmware programming mode, allowing you to reset the Oaks firmware in those unfortunate times where something has gone majorly wrong!

Pin 6 must not be held high at boot. Be careful not to attach pull up resistors to it (pull-downs are fine) unless they are only active after power up. If you are getting “boot mode:(5,0)” and “waiting for host” type messages at 74800 baud and your Oak is not working… you know what you are doing wrong! ;)

Pin [Enable] must not be held low, it has an internal pullup.

There is only one analog input capable pin, A0.


If implementing a sketch that puts the Oak into sleep mode, for example, ESP.deepSleep(sleepSeconds*1000000, WAKE_RF_DEFAULT), you must have pin 10 [WAKE] connected to the reset pin [RST] to facilitate wake up. You can do so simply by soldering the two pad at the back of the board, marked [WAKE-RST]. To save power you can also cut the connection between the pad marked [LED EN] to deactivate the LED. When the sleep time expires the [WAKE] pin pulls the [RST] pin low (which is HIGH for normal operation) which causes the Oak to reset. If you enter deepSleep without these two pins connected, the Oak will not wake up. Also note that when wake up occurs the sketch enters setup().


SDA = 0
SCL = 2

UART / Serial

RX = 3
TX = 4


SS = 6
MOSI = 7
MISO = 8
SCK = 9

I2S (Inter-IC Sound)

LRC (FS, WS) = 0
BCLK (SCK) = 6
DIN (SD) = 3


A0 = 11

Oak Pin to ESP8266 GPIO Mapping

Oak Pin P0 P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 P10 P11
GPIO 2 5 0 3 1 4 15 13 12 14 16 17
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