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Manually Claiming an Oak on Particle

There were some early issues (now fixed) with Oaks not properly claiming themselves on the Particle Cloud - if you are experience this issue - where the first update worked but the config wizard said “Your Oak did not connect to the cloud, please retry or change your WiFi settings.” or the Oak tool says “No devices on this account” - please try this tutorial.

  1. Connect to your Oak's wifi network with a computer/smartphone/tablet/etc (which is available only when the Oak is in config mode/new) - with the SSID ACORN-XXXXX. If you can't see your Oak due to it now being connected to your wireless network, follow the instructions on the troubleshooting page to put it into safe mode.
  2. Once connected in a web browser go to
  3. If the page that comes up says “connected” then proceed with this tutorial, if not please see the other troubleshooting guides or use the config wizard to make sure you have the right WiFi settings entered.
  4. Go to: and copy the id (the id is the part after “id”:“ - ie. {“id”:“THIS_IS_THE_ID”}
  5. Connect back to your internet wifi network (but leave the Oak on!) - Go to:
  6. Login using the Particle account you created or used during the device/config/first update wizard tutorial.
  7. Once logged in click the “devices” button:
  8. Then click “Add New Device”:
  9. Paste the ID you copied earlier into this box and click “Claim A Device” - the device should now be added to your account.
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