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Troubleshooting a First Update

If you arrived at this page then your Oak has likely tried to update from both the main update server, and the fallback slower but more reliable server, and neither has worked.

First we want to be clear: This update issue affects only the first update due to some issues with the firmware shipped on the first run of Oaks, after the first update all later updates will work on most networks without issue. We apologize for this issue and hope you will stick with us to get your Oak its first update which solves this issue from there forward.

Two Methods for Troubleshooting

We have found two methods for troubleshooting that we feel are worth the effort as the result in a very high rate of success. Thus far we are unaware of anyone who could not update after trying both of these methods and/or another WiFi network. Please try the method that seems most convenient (based on your knowledge of routers or computers) to you first, and then try the other method if that does not work.

Option 1: Using the local update tool

Option 2: Making temporary changes to your router settings

Local Update Tool

What you will need:

  1. A Mac OSX, Windows, or Linux computer on the same network (via WiFi or Ethernet) as your WiFi network.
  2. A second WiFi capable device (computer, smartphone, tablet) with a modern web browser.
  3. The Oak Update Tool for your operating system:
  • Step 1: Download the Oak Update Tool to the computer (item #1) you'll be using.
  • Step 2: Unzip/Untar the download (Note: You MUST un-compress the download, it cannot be run from the archive or temporary folder.)
  • Step 3A - Linux OR OSX: Open a terminal window / command prompt and run the update tool as root with
sudo ./oakupsrv
  • Step 3A - Windows: Double click the oakupsrv.exe to run, click allow to any firewall dialogs that come up.
  • Step 3A.1 Quit Skype if you are running it, also uses port 443
  • Step 3B - You will now see messages similar to the image below, it may take a few moments to reach this point as it will download the newest firmware and config tool.

  • Step 4: On the second WiFi capable device connect to your network, open a browser, and go to the URL the oakupsrv program tells you to (in the example above - but the address will be different for each computer).
  • Step 5: Follow the config wizard that appears at this address, while it looks the same as the main config wizard, it will connect your Oak to the local server running from the oakupsrv program on your computer and the Oak will attempt to download the update from that.
  • Step 6: If the update is successful continue to this tutorial: Getting started with the Arduino environment for the Oak

- otherwise please try the other option below this and/or a different wifi network.

Temporary Router Settings Changes

See a users recommendations on how they go their 10 Oaks to update by making router changes:,2046.0.html

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