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Oak Internal URLs

When you are connected to the ACORN-XXXXX Access Point (AP) that your OAK creates, there are a number of web addresses or URLs which you can access using your web browser, which provide information about different aspects of the configuration of your Oak, or instruct it to do certain things.

URL Purpose Returns the version of this setup protocol being used Displays the unique device identification number for your Oak, and it's claim status on Particle, with a 0 for no claim, and a 1 for a successful claim. Returns the available WiFi networks Allows setting the WiFi connection settings Connects to the current wifi settings and reboots to the user rom (if available) Returns the Oaks public key (hex encoded) Allows setting of key configuration values Just a static page - no use Provides all sorts of information such as whether the Oak has been successfully registered on Particle, what the system firmware version is, etc. Displays whether the Oak is connected to the Particle cloud or not Displays the system firmware version number Forces the Oak to try to update the system - do not use

You can get out of config mode and back to the user sketch by rebooting the Oak or by connecting to the Oak's AP and sending a post request to with a raw body of {“idx”:0}

More info on the SoftAP Protocol:

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