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Oak Firmware Revision History


Firmware Version System Version Status Release Date Notes
1.0.6 10 Stable? 12 Oct 2016 Tone support, compiler updates
1.0.5 10 Stable 6 Jul 2016 Fixed online/offline loop
1.0.4 9 Beta 3 Jul 2016
1.0.3 8 Unstable 23 Jun 2016
1.0.2 7 Unstable 31 May 2016 Oakterm introduced
1.0.1 6 Stable 22 Mar 2016 Manual config mode
1.0.0 6 Stable 13 Mar 2016 First stable release
0.9.5 5 Beta 1 Mar 2016
0.9.4 5 Unstable 24 Feb 2016 FastOTA updates enabled
0.9.3 2 Beta 13 Feb 2016
0.9.2 2 Beta 28 Jan 2016
0.9.1 1 Beta 22 Jan 2016

Firmware Version vs System Version

If you're feeling a bit confused over why there are two lots of version numbers above, that's ok… all will be revealed! Basically what you have is a version number in a MAJOR.MINOR.RELEASE form (sometimes referred to as Semantic Versioning), which is the user friendly version number. Then you have another simpler version number which was meant to simply increment each time the firmware was updated (and had one or two skips along the way…). That second integer number isn't usually of much interest to us, as its more used by the firmware itself to check to see if there is a newer version. However, since the Oak currently does not upgrade its Safe mode firmware, to see if the Oak has an old safe mode firmware, we usually look at version number shown at the bottom of the page when using the Oak Wifi Config app (aka SoftAP). Thus, if your Oak is running the latest version of the system firmware (at the time of writing), you should see the version number reported as 10, which as you can see from the table above, corresponds with Firmware Version 1.0.5. If the Oak had reported that it was running system version 6, I would have been able to see that it was probably provisioned or updated March, and that I could update to a later version if I wished.

Detailed History


  • Adds/fixes Tone functionality (for playing musical tones), updates the compiler toolchain, and some minor amendments to libraries and example sketches.
  • System version: 10


  • Fixes issue with Particle cloud that resulted in Oak constantly reporting itself to be online and offline, and refusing to accept new code. Issue related to unused system OTA code, which has been disabled for now.
  • System version: 10


  • Unstable release
  • System version: 9


  • Unstable release
  • System version: 8



  • Introduced Manual Config mode, meaning the Oak would only reboot into safe mode when a jumper was connected between P1 and GND, or when there was unstable code. It will no longer automatically go into safe mode if the connection the Particle cloud is lost when in manual config mode.
  • System Version: 6



  • Beta
  • System Version: 5
  • First stable beta to have FastOTA updates, pretty much feature complete for release.


  • Beta
  • System Version: 5
  • Was rolled back due to issues with wifi connectivity. System version jumped to 5 as Particle was looking for a version 5 to turn on FastOTA update support.


  • Beta
  • System Version: 2 (was mistakenly not incremented)


  • Beta
  • System Version: 2


  • Beta
  • System Version: 1
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