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Holiday Lights! Oak Tutorial

This tutorial covers how to use a Digistump Oak with Holiday Lights! Kits - you will need an Oak that has already been setup to receive OTA programming from the Arduino IDE (see Getting Started with your Oak)

Switch to Oak Mode

The Digispark is a 5V device, the Oak is a 3.3V device, so we need to change the wiring slightly to use an Oak (and change it back before using a Digispark)

To do this you need to cut the trace between the two small pads that say “CUT FOR OAK” and solder across the two small pads that say “CLOSE FOR OAK”

If possible check that the trace is cut by using a multi-meter to ensure there is no connection between the two small pads marked “CUT FOR OAK”

The Oak MUST be powered either by USB or via 3xAAA batteries. Applying a voltage over 5V to the Oak's VIN pin will damage the LEDs. Using the speaker on the Tree kit with the Oak may damage the Oak.


The Oak is not supported by the Holiday Lights! web app - to program the lights you will need to use Arduino code in the Arduino IDE - to get started see Examples→Adafruit NeoPixels→oak and change the NUMPIXELS to 9 (Tree/Menorah) or 13 (Dove)


To use the Oak with CheerLights ( use the sketch below and again set NUMPIXELS appropriately.

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