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Holiday Lights! Assembly Tutorial

This is an unassembled kit and requires basic soldering. This is designed for use with the Digispark development board, which is included.

Parts - All Kits

Part Quantity Identification
Tree, Dove, or Menorah PCB1
10M Ohm 1/4W Resistor1 (2 for Menorah) Brown-Black-Blue Gold
WS2812B type 5mm through hole LED9 (13 for Dove)
3xAAA Battery Holder with Foam Tape on Back 1
Digispark USB Development Board 1
1×3 pin female 0.1“ pitch header 1
1×6 pin female 0.1” pitch header 1
1×40 pin male 0.1“ pitch header 9 pins worth

Parts - Additional in Tree Kit

Part Quantity Identification
5V Passive 12mm Buzzer1

Resistor Values: For more information on how to identify the value of the resistors, we recommend these sites: A nice simple resistor calculator: A comprehensive article on identification:

Soldering: If you are new to soldering we recommend the following tutorials: Soldering Basics ( and Soldering Crash Course from the folks at Sparkfun ( How to solder from the Curious Inventor:

Adafruit has this excellent guide that starts with the tools needed and then shows detailed pictures, including some of the common problems that beginners experience (

Also, a more kid friendly format - here is a great comic book style How to Solder tutorial:

We assume for these assembly instructions that you know the basics of thru-hole soldering. If you don't check out the links above, these boards are very easy to solder - we promise!


Step 1

Empty kit bag (or if using a raw PCB, aquire parts) and verify contents.

Tree Kit

Dove Kit

Menorah Kit

Step 2

Assemble Digispark with Female Headers as shown here: Soldering Headers to the Digispark

Step 3

Solder LEDs to boards.

When inserting the LED into the board ensure the two longer leads of the LED goes through the holes marked data out (DO) and ground (GND) (see photos) - this ensures you have the LED oriented properly. Solder the LED leads and clip off the excess. The leads of the LED go into the holes in order, except for the Menorah - see picture below for correct order for those kits.

Tree and Dove


Step 4

Insert the resistor(s) - two for Menorah, one for Tree and Dove - in the locations indicated on the bottom (side with “Holidays 2016” printed on it) of the board (as shown), solder leads on top side. Orientation of the resistor does not matter.

Step 5

Cut a length of male headers 6 pins long and one 3 pins long. Insert into corresponding positions (on the bottom of the board) and solder each pin on the top side.

Tip: Inseting the headers into the Digispark and then placing the board on top can make this process easier.


Insert the speaker in the locations indicated on the bottom (side with “Holidays 2016” printed on it) of the board (as shown), solder leads on top side. Match the side shown in the image below as the ”+“ side with the side of the speaker with a ”+“ (on the sticker on the speaker).

After soldering remove the sticker for full volume.

Step 7 (optional)

Prepare the battery holder by bending the two pins on the back of it straight.

Remove the backing form the foam tape on the back of the battery holder.

Insert the battery holder on the bottom (side with “Holidays 2016” printed on it) into the two holes as shown on the photos, solder leads on top side.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure the wires on the bottom of the battery holder do not make contact with the LED pins or anything else under the battery holder, if they do we suggest using some tape (electrical or masking) to protect them from shorting out.




Your Holiday Lights! Kit is complete!

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