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Holiday Lights! with the Arduino IDE

This tutorial covers how to setup and use the Arduino IDE for custom programming of your Holiday Lights! Kits.

Arduino IDE Setup

Follow the instructions here to install the Arduino IDE and Digistump Board Add-ons

Select “Digispark Default (16.5Mhz) from the Tools→Boards menu

Importing from the Web App

After creating a program in the web app, click the Download/Save button and select “Download Sketch for Arduino IDE” - open that sketch in the Arduino IDE, click YES when it asks to place it in a directory.

You can now edit the sketch or look at it to see how the web app programming works.

Programming From Scratch

See Examples→Adafruit_Neopixel→digispark

or see Examples→WS2811→digispark - you'll need to change

void setPixel(i,r,g,b){


void setPixel(uint8_t i,uint8_t r,uint8_t g,uint8_t b){

this corrects a mistake in the example and switches the red and green channels to match the LEDs being used.

Tree Speaker

Try this sketch as a good starting place for using the speaker on the Tree kit: (thanks to @kd8bxp)

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