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A user contributed library for the EEPROM can be found here:

It is included in the Add-on package as well - the EEPROM is 24LC32AT-I and can be found on the first I2C bus (Wire not Wire1) at address 0x50 (ie the A0,A1 and A2 chip select lines are connected to 0V). The device is 32kbits, or 4kbytes in size.

Example can be found Examples→DigiXEEPROM→Extensive_EEPROM_overview

EEPROM Data Sheet: 24AA32A/24LC32A on Microchip website
The 24LC32AT-I tells us that it's a 2.5V part (the LC vs AA for 1.7V), provided on a Tape and Reel (the T), and rated for -40°C to +85°C (the I).

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