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-====== WiFi Module Server Setup ====== 
-  * Follow the first time setup guide if you haven'​t already. 
-  * On a computer, tablet, or smartphone connect to the USR-WIFI232-T wireless network. 
-  * Open a web browser (tested with Chrome) and go to http://​ 
-  * On the left hand side navigation click on Other Settings and set the settings as follows: 
-Baud Rate: As specified in the sketch/​example you are using. 
-Then click the Save halfway down the page -- **NOT** the one at the bottom -- and when it asks if you'd like to restart click the back button. 
-Then set the following settings: ​ 
-  * Protocol: TCP Server 
-  * Port ID: The port you want the server to run on - CANNOT be 80! 
-  * TCP Time Out Setting: 300 - but if you experience issues with your client not disconnecting try a lower number like 5 
-And click the Save at the bottom of the page. 
-  *This time you can hit restart and let the module restart so the settings take effect. 
-**Your Wifi module is now set up and ready for client sketches at the baud rate you selected.** 
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