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WiFi Module Server Setup

  • Follow the first time setup guide if you haven't already.
  • On a computer, tablet, or smartphone connect to the USR-WIFI232-T wireless network.
  • On the left hand side navigation click on Other Settings and set the settings as follows:

Baud Rate: As specified in the sketch/example you are using.

Then click the Save halfway down the page – NOT the one at the bottom – and when it asks if you'd like to restart click the back button.

Then set the following settings:

  • Protocol: TCP Server
  • Port ID: The port you want the server to run on - CANNOT be 80!
  • TCP Time Out Setting: 300 - but if you experience issues with your client not disconnecting try a lower number like 5

And click the Save at the bottom of the page.

  • This time you can hit restart and let the module restart so the settings take effect.

Your Wifi module is now set up and ready for server sketches at the baud rate you selected.

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