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Robot Kit Tutorial

Product Description:

bot.jpg bot.jpg

This is an unassembled kit and requires basic soldering. This is designed for use with the Digispark development board, which is not included.


Part Quantity Notes
Digispark Pro1
9 Pin Female Header 0.1“ Pitch2
3 Pin Female Header 0.1” Pitch1 (or 2) 2 ARE ONLY INCLUDED WITH: BT, BLE, and WiFi Robots (see note)
9 Pin Stackable Female Header 0.1“ Pitch2 ONLY INCLUDED WITH: BT, BLE, and WiFi Robots (see note)
3 Pin 3.5mm Screw Terminal 1
2 Pin 3.5mm Screw Terminal 3
Wings Shield PCB 1
Motor Driver 1
Bag of Hardware 1
Small Machine Screw for Mounting Digispark and Motor Driver 2 May be separate from hardware bag
Small Nut to go with Machine Screws 2 May be separate from hardware bag
1x40pin male 0.1” pitch header 9 pins worth NOT INCLUDED WITH: BT, BLE, and WiFi Robots (see note)
14“ Piece of Solid Core Wire 2 Color is random, but the two pieces should be different colors
Wheels 2
Swivel Wheel 1
Acrylic Base 1
Battery Holder 1
Male to Female Jumper Wire 6 May be attached together, may not be
Motors 2
BT, BLE, or WiFi kit - if applicable 1 These may or may not be in the bag with the robot parts, please check the envelope well

NOTE ON HEADERS: Basic Robot kits were supposed to ship without stackable headers and with a 1×40 pin male header strip. Many shipped with the stackable headers instead - we encourage you to use some extra male headers from another kit to complete the Wings Kit and then use the stackable headers for any Pro kit you have (you end up with a free set of stackables!) - if you don't have any male headers to spare, please contact us so we can make it right.

Soldering: If you are new to soldering we recommend the following tutorials: Soldering Basics ( and Soldering Crash Course from the folks at Sparkfun ( How to solder from the Curious Inventor:

Adafruit has this excellent guide that starts with the tools needed and then shows detailed pictures, including some of the common problems that beginners experience (

We assume for these assembly instructions that you know the basics of thru-hole soldering. If you don't check out the links above, these boards are very easy to solder - we promise!




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