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Robot Kit Tutorial

Product Description:

bot.jpg bot.jpg

This is an unassembled kit and requires basic soldering. This is designed for use with the Digispark development board, which is not included.


Part Quantity Notes
Digispark Pro1
9 Pin Female Header 0.1“ Pitch2
3 Pin Female Header 0.1” Pitch1 (or 2) 2 ARE ONLY INCLUDED WITH: BT, BLE, and WiFi Robots
9 Pin Stackable Female Header 0.1“ Pitch2 ONLY INCLUDED WITH: BT, BLE, and WiFi Robots
3 Pin 3.5mm Screw Terminal 1
2 Pin 3.5mm Screw Terminal 3
Bag of Hardware 1
Small Machine Screw for Mounting Digispark and Motor Driver 2 May be separate from hardware bag
Small Nut to go with Machine Screws 2 May be separate from hardware bag
1x40pin male 0.1” pitch header 9 pins worth NOT INCLUDED WITH: BT, BLE, and WiFi Robots
14“ Piece of Solid Core Wire 2 Color is random, but the two pieces should be different colors
Wheels 2
Swivel Wheel 1
Acrylic Base 1
Battery Holder 1
Male to Female Jumper Wire 6 May be attached together, may not be
Motors 2
BT, BLE, or WiFi kit - if applicable 1 These may or may not be in the bag with the robot parts, please check the envelope well

Soldering: If you are new to soldering we recommend the following tutorials: Soldering Basics ( and Soldering Crash Course from the folks at Sparkfun ( How to solder from the Curious Inventor:

Adafruit has this excellent guide that starts with the tools needed and then shows detailed pictures, including some of the common problems that beginners experience (

We assume for these assembly instructions that you know the basics of thru-hole soldering. If you don't check out the links above, these boards are very easy to solder - we promise!




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