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Pro Bluetooth Classic Shield Kit Tutorial

Product Description:

bt1.jpg bt4.jpg

This is an unassembled kit and requires basic soldering. This is designed for use with the Digispark development board, which is not included.


Part Quantity Identification
Bluetooth/BLE Combo Shield PCB1
6 pin 0.1“ Right Angle Female Socket 1
HC-05 Bluetooth Breakout Module 1
1x40pin male 0.1” pitch header 21 pins worth

Resistor Values: For more information on how to identify the value of the resistors we recommend these sites: A nice simple resistor calculator: A comprehensive article on identification:

Soldering: If you are new to soldering we recommend the following tutorials: Soldering Basics ( and Soldering Crash Course from the folks at Sparkfun ( How to solder from the Curious Inventor:

Adafruit has this excellent guide that starts with the tools needed and then shows detailed pictures, including some of the common problems that beginners experience (

We assume for these assembly instructions that you know the basics of thru-hole soldering. If you don't check out the links above, these boards are very easy to solder - we promise!


Empty kit bag (or if using a raw PCB, acquire parts) and verify contents.


Insert 6 pin right angle socket into top of PCB - insert it into the set of 6 holes that say “BLE BT4” below them - this is the second set from the right edge of the board. Solder socket pins on the bottom of the board


Cut two lengths of male headers each 9 pins long and one 3 pins long. Insert into corresponding positions (on the bottom of the board) and solder each pin on the top.

Tip: Inserting the headers into a breadboard and then placing the board on top can make this process easier.

Note: If you are using stackable headers, use them here instead of the standard male headers.


Insert the HC-05 BLE breakout module into the 6 pin socket as shown - ensure the module is facing up and the 4 pins are in the center of the socket (leaving one empty spot on each side).



Mobile app examples for Android (phonegap/cordova based): (these can be edited with only a working knowledge of Javascript and HTML - see for more about how it all works - Arduino code included in files)

Example blink LED from Blueterm/other bluetooth serial app Grab blueterm: Send 0 or 1 from blueterm to the bluetooth device. The LED will turn on and off. If prompted for a pairing code it is 1234, 12345, or 000000

int ledpin=1; //on board led
int BluetoothData; // the data given from the phone/computer

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:

void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
 if (Serial.available()){;
    if(BluetoothData=='1'){   // if number 1 pressed ....
      Serial.println("LED  On D13 ON ! ");
    if (BluetoothData=='0'){// if number 0 pressed ....
      Serial.println("LED  On D13 Off ! ");
  delay(100);// prepare for next data ...
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