Digistump Dashboard

How to use the Digistump Dashboard with your Particle Devices:

Saving your dashboard:

Save your dashboard to the server: Click the "Save Dashboard to Server" link in the upper left to save your dashboard to the server. Your dashboard will be saved to the server and loaded whenever you visit the unique link for that dashboard. You can see that link in the address bar, when saving, or here: https://digistump.com/dashboard/57d04fef791e7f4626129dba63fff8c9739235a9. Do not share your unique URL with anyone who you don't want to see your dashboard setup. You still must login to the same Particle account when accessing a dashboard, for the Particle datasources to work (and for your security - your browser connects directly to Particle's servers).

Save your dashboard to a file: Click the "Save Dashoard to File" link in the upper left to download a file of your dashboard. This file can then be loaded using the "Load Dashboard from File" link. NOTE: You must login to the same Particle account when loading a file, for the Particle datasources to work.

To make a new dashboard: If you have saved a dashboard to the server and want to make another one, just go to https://digistump.com/dashboard/ and you will be redirected to a new unique URL for a new dashboard.

If you do not save your dashboard after making changes, those changes will be lost if you leave or reload the page!

Adding to your dashboard:

Add a datasource - click that "Add Datasource" link in the upper right, select a Datasource type and enter the details.

Add a pane to the dashboard - click the "Add Pane" link at the bottom of the list in the upper left.

Add a widget - place the cursor on the newly created pane, click the plus button to add a widget. Select a widget and specify the datasource you created previously.

Repeat for additional widgets and datasources.

The Digistump Dashboard uses Freeboard.io, the Particle datasources are based on code originally from @krvarma on the Particle forums. The plugin source code for our extended Particle datasources can be found on Github.

Digistump Dashboard


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