Author Topic: Project Suggestions and ATTiny167 Schematic Review  (Read 4161 times)


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Project Suggestions and ATTiny167 Schematic Review
« on: May 11, 2018, 07:53:40 am »

I am new here. I'm looking to make my first "from scratch" device that is compatible with micronucleus and a "clone" of a basic Digistump Pro. Instead of a shield, I wanted to add some specific "peripherals" to the board itself.

Here are my questions, thank you in advance for the help!

1.) I've never used a MOSFET pull-up in the manner described on the 1-Wire circuit. Does this look correct?
2.) Any obvious mistakes on the MOSFET relay driver?
3.) In general, am I using the "right" uC pins? I tended to randomly assign them, but I know that there are specific pins suited for different things (ADC, D, UART, etc.)?
4.) Any reasons I won't be able to use micronucleus and similar instructions for using a Digistump Pro? Will that development chain work with this project, or are changes needed?
5.) Any recommendations on a good crystal, or one that would avoid external parts as shown on my schematic?