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Arduino project - Wireless Home Automation
« on: November 03, 2017, 12:19:13 am »
To make some things clear first(wow that sounds so arrogant):

This is an Arduino project
This is supposed to be internationally applicable
I have experience with 433 MHz modules
I don't have experience with 2.4 GHz modules
I have done quite a lot Arduino projects(I am not a complete starter) which include but are not limited to
433 MHz wireless control
Web control
Connected a keyboard to an Aurduino
I am working on a home automation project which might go into smaller production. The project is wireless and the connections would be managed as followed:

You would have multiple slave nodes, and one master node in the house.
All of these nodes would be transmitting and receiving data. E.G.
Receive: command to switch relay, turn on the AC etc.
Transmit: optocoupler data to see if a light is on, temperature etc.

I have 2 band options:

2.4 GHz band
433 MHz band
2.4 GHz


Big data transfer rate(not really that important)
Cheap transceiver IC with antennas available

Small range, solved by making each node a repeater. It bounces the signal if it isn't its, but writes down the packet id so if another node bounces the packet the node wouldn't get stuck in an endless loop)
A lot of interference

Do any government regulations limit duty cycles for this band?
Would it be that badly affected with other wireless networks?
Would the other signals make the signal hard to read(I have never worked with this band before)?
Would the repeater idea work?
433 MHz


Big range
Good wall penetration
Little interference

Really freaking expensive transceivers
If I would use no transceivers, but 1 receiver and 1 transmitter(cheaper), I would need 2 antennae, and it would cost me about the same as the 2.4 GHz transceiver w/ antenna

Would the 1 receiver + 1 transmitter interfere badly with each other?
Is this band crowded?
Do any government regulations limit duty cycles for this band?

Feel free to give me any suggestions!

I would be pleased if you answer this, I took my time to write it as nice as possible :)
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