Author Topic: Using the Digispark Pro as an I2C slave  (Read 5950 times)


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Using the Digispark Pro as an I2C slave
« on: August 18, 2017, 11:43:17 pm »
I am developing a robot to teach the freshman at my university some basics about robotics and programming.

I'm thinking about using 5 TCRT5000 to do line following, a basic ultrasonic sensor for distance measuring and a LDR just for fun.

As you can see, all these sensors give me analog values to work with. However, I am planning to use a ESP8266 as the main microcontroller, but it only has 1 ADC port which is not very good.

My idea is to use the Digispark Pro as a I2C slave to send all these sensor data to the ESP, but I haven't seen a single person who used the TinyWire library with the PRO.

Could anyone confirm to me if that is possible?