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Hi everyone,

I'd like to get your opinion about project logs. Personally, I find the forum pages suboptimal for sharing projects because the type of content that can be displayed is limited (text, code and images) and it's very difficult to make them look good. In addition, ongoing projects where the author regularly posts updates quickly become messy, which makes it difficult to find the most up to date code, schematics or any type of information.

That's why I made It allows sharing hardware projects in a cleaner and more structured way. It also has dedicated project repositories "slash" communities pages for all hardware platforms and there's one for Digispark:

I'd really love to hear what you guys think about it. First of all do you think that's useful? How could it be improved? Any comments, suggestions or critics are welcome.

Thanks so much in advance for your feedback!

Looks like a good tool to me.  I see the DixiPixel posted there and another linked project that gives a play by play on programming an ATtiny 85 with micronucleus to be like a dixispark - this should answer another forum query posting in a step by step:,1414.msg6494.html#msg6494


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