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   * [[oak:​tutorials:​photocell|Using a Photocell]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​photocell|Using a Photocell]]
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​servo|Using a Servo]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​servo|Using a Servo]]
-  * [[oak:​tutorials:​stepper_motor|Controlling ​Stepper Motor]]+  * [[oak:​tutorials:​stepper_motor|Controlling ​Stepper Motor]]
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​ultrasonic|Ultrasonic Ranging US-100]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​ultrasonic|Ultrasonic Ranging US-100]]
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​ultrasonic_2|Ultrasonic Ranging HC-SR04]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​ultrasonic_2|Ultrasonic Ranging HC-SR04]]
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