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 **Troubleshooting:​** **Troubleshooting:​**
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​local_update|Oak first update troubleshooting]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​local_update|Oak first update troubleshooting]]
-  * [[oak:​tutorials:​serialupdate|Advanced Usage - First update over Serial]]+  * [[oak:​tutorials:​serialupdate|Advanced Usage - First update ​over Serial]] or a simpler version: [[oak:​serialupdate|Oak First Update ​over Serial]]
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​manual_claim|Particle claim troubleshooting - "No devices"​]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​manual_claim|Particle claim troubleshooting - "No devices"​]]
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​troubleshooting|Troubleshooting Tips]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​troubleshooting|Troubleshooting Tips]]
 +  * [[oak:​tutorials:​ws281x|Troubleshooting ws281x/​NeoPixels RGB leds library tip]]
Line 49: Line 50:
   * [[oak:​sources|Oak PCB Source Files]]   * [[oak:​sources|Oak PCB Source Files]]
   * [[oak:​reference:​firmwareVersions|Oak Firmware Versions]]   * [[oak:​reference:​firmwareVersions|Oak Firmware Versions]]
 +  * [[oak:​reference:​howItWorks|Oak Firmware - How it all works]] 
 +  * [[oak:​reference:​offline|Using an Oak without an internet connection - offline support]] 
 +  * [[oak:​tutorials:​localserver|Oak with the Particle Local Server]]
 **Advanced: Connecting the Oak to Serial Adapters:** **Advanced: Connecting the Oak to Serial Adapters:**
Line 87: Line 90:
   * [[digispark:​tutorials:​rtc|Real Time Clock Shield]]   * [[digispark:​tutorials:​rtc|Real Time Clock Shield]]
   * [[digispark:​tutorials:​temp|Temperature Sensor (1-wire) Shield]]   * [[digispark:​tutorials:​temp|Temperature Sensor (1-wire) Shield]]
-  * [[digispark:​tutorials:​robot|Robot Kit]]+  * [[digispark:​tutorials:​robot|Robot ​(Car) Kit]]
Line 95: Line 98:
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​lesson_template|Format Template for Lessons]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​lesson_template|Format Template for Lessons]]
-Starter and Ultimate (suggested lessons, others welcome!):+**Starter and Ultimate (suggested lessons, others welcome!):**
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​blink|First Blink]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​blink|First Blink]]
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​leds|LED Basics]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​leds|LED Basics]]
Line 105: Line 108:
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​photocell|Using a Photocell]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​photocell|Using a Photocell]]
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​servo|Using a Servo]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​servo|Using a Servo]]
-  * [[oak:​tutorials:​ultrasonic|Ultrasonic Ranging]]+  ​* [[oak:​tutorials:​stepper_motor|Controlling a Stepper Motor]] 
 +  ​* [[oak:​tutorials:​ultrasonic|Ultrasonic Ranging ​US-100]] 
 +  * [[oak:​tutorials:​ultrasonic_2|Ultrasonic Ranging HC-SR04]]
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​touch|Detecting Touch]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​touch|Detecting Touch]]
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​onewiretemp|Temperature Sensing and the 1-Wire Bus]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​onewiretemp|Temperature Sensing and the 1-Wire Bus]]
Line 111: Line 116:
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​ir_interrupter|Detecting movement with an encoder/​interrupter]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​ir_interrupter|Detecting movement with an encoder/​interrupter]]
-Ultimate Only (suggested lessons, others welcome!):+**Ultimate Only (suggested lessons, others welcome!):**
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​pir|PIR:​ Detecting Motion]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​pir|PIR:​ Detecting Motion]]
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​door_switch|Using the door switch]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​door_switch|Using the door switch]]
Line 117: Line 122:
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​breadboard_power|Powering the Oak with a 9v Battery and Breadboard Power Adapter]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​breadboard_power|Powering the Oak with a 9v Battery and Breadboard Power Adapter]]
-Sending and receiving data +**Sending and receiving data**
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​particle-id-token|Accessing the Particle API]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​particle-id-token|Accessing the Particle API]]
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​particle-variable|Getting data using Particle.variable()]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​particle-variable|Getting data using Particle.variable()]]
Line 125: Line 129:
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​python-send|Using python to send data to the Oak]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​python-send|Using python to send data to the Oak]]
-Useful Project Tutorials +**Useful Project Tutorials**
   * [[oak:​tutorials:​oaksmokedetectorplus|Making your own Oak Smoke Detector+]]   * [[oak:​tutorials:​oaksmokedetectorplus|Making your own Oak Smoke Detector+]]
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