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 ====== Programming with Particle ====== ====== Programming with Particle ======
-An official update shouldn'​t be to far away, but in the mean time, if you feel adventurous,​ you can try out the Particle Build IDE, as it now appears that a working core is finally online!+The Oak is now supported by the Particle Build IDE!
-<​del>​The ​Oak Platform ​for Particle ​is not completely ready yet the Oak currently uses the Particle ​Cloud for uploads ​and all other cloud features, but is not yet supported in the Particle ​Web or Desktop IDEs+Please note that there are very few Oak specific libraries are available ​for use, and you may have difficulty including ​Particle-provided libraries. Please submit/​request more Oak specific or Oak compatible libraries via the Particle ​IDE Libraries tab. 
 +===== First Time Usage: ===== 
 +If you are using a new Oak that has never received its initial update you must complete this tutorial first: Connecting your Oak for the first time 
 +===== Particle Build IDE ===== 
 +Go to [[https://​]] 
 +Login using the user name and password you setup when you registered your Oak. 
 +Select the Oak you'd like to program from the devices tab within ​the Particle ​IDE.
-Support for the Oak is promised, but no ETA is given.</​del>​ 
-Please use the Arduino IDE for programming for the time being: [[oak:​tutorials:​arduino]] 
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