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 Starter Kit Parts List: Starter Kit Parts List:
-3x Oaks +  * 3x Oaks 
-1x Clear Plastic Part Box +  ​* ​1x Clear Plastic Part Box 
-1x 400 hole 85x55mm Breadboard +  ​* ​1x 400 hole 85x55mm Breadboard 
-1x 3ft Micro USB Cable +  ​* ​1x 3ft Micro USB Cable 
-1x Set of 40 M to M 30cm Jumper Wires +  ​* ​1x Set of 40 M to M 30cm Jumper Wires 
-1x Set of 40 M to F 30cm Jumper Wires +  ​* ​1x Set of 40 M to F 30cm Jumper Wires 
-1x 9g Micro Servo +  ​* ​1x 9g Micro Servo 
-1x GL5528 Photocell +  ​* ​1x GL5528 Photocell 
-1x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Module +  ​* ​1x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Module 
-3x 2N2222 Transistors TO-92 +  ​* ​3x 2N2222 Transistors TO-92 
-2x 1N4148 Diodes +  ​* ​2x 1N4148 Diodes 
-1x TTP223B Touch Module +  ​* ​1x TTP223B Touch Module 
-1x DS18B20 One Wire Temperature Sensor TO-92 +  ​* ​1x DS18B20 One Wire Temperature Sensor TO-92 
-1x 5mm RGB LED Common Cathode +  ​* ​1x 5mm RGB LED Common Cathode 
-3x 3mm Red LED  +  ​* ​3x 3mm Red LED  
-3x 3mm Green LED +  ​* ​3x 3mm Green LED 
-3x 3mm Yellow LED +  ​* ​3x 3mm Yellow LED 
-3x 12mm Tactile Button (see image) +  ​* ​3x 12mm Tactile Button (see image) 
-1x 3.3v Active Buzzer +  ​* ​1x 3.3v Active Buzzer 
-10x 150 Ohm ¼W Resistors +  ​* ​10x 150 Ohm ¼W Resistors 
-10x 10K Ohm ¼W Resistors +  ​* ​10x 10K Ohm ¼W Resistors 
-10x 4.7K Ohm ¼W Resistors +  ​* ​10x 4.7K Ohm ¼W Resistors 
-1x HS0038 IR Receiver +  ​* ​1x HS0038 IR Receiver 
-1x QRD1114 IR Interrupter +  ​* ​1x QRD1114 IR Interrupter 
-1x SW-520D Rolling Ball Switch  +  ​* ​1x SW-520D Rolling Ball Switch  
 +  ​* ​
 The Ultimate Kit includes all of the above, plus: The Ultimate Kit includes all of the above, plus:
-2x Additional Oaks +  * 2x Additional Oaks 
-1x Digispark/​Oak Button Shield +  ​* ​1x Digispark/​Oak Button Shield 
-1x Oak TFT LCD Shield +  ​* ​1x Oak TFT LCD Shield 
-1x DigiLED Shield +  ​* ​1x DigiLED Shield 
-1x HC-SR501 PIR Module +  ​* ​1x HC-SR501 PIR Module 
-1x Breadboard Power Supply Module +  ​* ​1x Breadboard Power Supply Module 
-1x MC-38 Magnetic Door Switch +  ​* ​1x MC-38 Magnetic Door Switch 
-1x Soil Moisture Sensor Module Set +  ​* ​1x Soil Moisture Sensor Module Set 
-1x 9V Battery +  ​* ​1x 9V Battery 
-1x 9V to Barrel Jack Cable +  ​* ​1x 9V to Barrel Jack Cable 
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