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Connecting a New Oak

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you previously used a Beta release please first do a factory reset and ensure your Arduino Oak package is up to date at version 1.0.0+: Details to perform a factory reset

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't use Safari browser, Chrome works fine on Mac OS X.

Powering your Oak

You can power your Oak a variety of ways. The easiest is to connect a good quality micro-usb cable to the on-board USB port and connect that to a computer or powered USB hub/charger. The port and cable should be able to provide 500 mA (burst/80 mA continous), some older computers may not provide enough power.

You can also power your Oak from a REGULATED 3.3 V DC power source capable of supplying at least 500 mA of clean power - connect this to one of the two VCC and one of the three GND pins.

You can also power your Oak from a 3.7-7 V DC power source capable of supplying at least 500ma of clean power - connect this to one of the two VIN (NOT VCC) and one of the three GND pins. (A 1-cell lipoly battery may work as well).

First Power

The first time you power on your Oak you will see two green LEDs light up. One is the power LED, which is always on when powered. The second is the status LED.

The status LED will remain solid while your Oak generates its encryption keys to use to connect to the cloud. It generates these on the first power up to ensure no one can copy the keys before the Oak is in your possession. This process takes about 5-30 seconds. When complete the status LED will begin to blink, at that point you can move to the next step.

Particle Account

The Oak uses the Particle Cloud to receive code uploads when you program it from the Arduino IDE or the Particle IDE. When your Oak is set up it will add itself to your Particle account. You must have a Particle account to setup your Oak. If you do not have one already you can register for one as part of the next step.

WiFi Configuration

TROUBLESHOOTING NOTE: If the device you are using to configure the Oak has both an Ethernet and WiFi connection please disable or unplug the Ethernet connection before starting this setup. This will ensure it will not interfere with the setup procedure regardless of your network setup.

Using a WiFi enabled computer or smart device, open a browser and go to:

Please force your browser to refresh to ensure you are using the newest copy of this page. Follow the wizard and ensure you complete the steps in the order stated.

  • Step 1: You will need to login with your credentials for Particle or register for a Particle account.

  • Step 2: Connect your system to the Oak. The SSID is ACORN-XXXXXX where the Xs are part of the MAC address. Do not be concerned if your computer or device says that the Oak has a 'Limited connection' or 'No Internet', as this simply means that there is no internet access via the Oaks wireless, and is expected behaviour.

  • Step 3: Choose your network to let the Oak connect to the internet.
    • NOTE: The WiFi network list will only show the first 10 networks the Oak can see, use the manual entry if your network is not listed.

  • Step 4: Let your Oak perform the update. This takes 30 - 300 seconds depending on your internet connection and the server.

  • Step 5: Connect back to your normal network.

  • Step 6: If the update fails the wizard will instruct you to try again against our slower but more reliable update server, if it fails against that server twice it will then direct you to the first update troubleshooting page (Troubleshooting the first update: Oak first update troubleshooting).


  • Step 6: If the update is a success the wizard will let you know this, and the Oak will begin to blink in bursts of 3 blinks. This mean the Oak is updated and in config mode ready for your first code upload.

  • If you visit the Particle page your Oak should show up.

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