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Holiday Lights! Web App

Opening the Web App

To get to the Holiday Lights! Web App go to:

Select Your Board

Select the board you want to create a program for - do this first because any changes will be lost if you switch.

Scene Selection

Each board can have three scenes loaded.

A scene is a sequence of up to 13 colors for each LED. Each scene can have its own setting for how the LEDs change between colors (different time amounts or by button) and what to do when the end of the longest sequence in that scene is reached (repeat, stop, go to next scene).

You can only edit the second scene after creating something in the first, likewise for the second to third. You can switch between scenes in the app without losing your work.


At the bottom of the web app you'll find various option menus.

Scene Settings: Discussed in the last section.

Main Settings: Select whether a button starts/stops the program or if it just starts at power up. Select whether a button changes scenes.

Download: Download the one click installer for your platform, or the sketch to use in the Arduino IDE (see Holiday Lights! with the Arduino IDE)

Setting LED Sequences and Effects

Click on an LED to set the sequence of colors for that LED and the visual effect the LED uses.


  • Normal - the color is fully on for the duration of that color in the sequence, indefinitely if a time or button has not been set for changing between colors in the Scene Settings.
  • Fade - fades the LED in and out in time with the amount of time each color has been set to display in the Scene Settings. Only available if a time is set in Scene Settings.
  • Pulse (Very Slow to Very Fast) - fades the color in and out at a set speed regardless of the time each color is displayed.


  • 13 boxes are shown for each LED - you can have an LED display up to 13 different colors in sequence for a scene.
  • The color sequence will advance to the next color based on what is set in the Scene Settings.
  • If you do not set all LEDs to the same number of colors the shorter sequences will loop back and restart with the first color until the end of the longest sequence is reached.
  • To have a LED be off for a frame in the sequence set it to black, to have the sequence end set it to “clear”
  • To have the LED be dimmer set a darker color, the darker the color the less it will light up.
  • Click a color box to set the color, colors are disabled until the one next to it in the sequence is set to something other than clear. You can use the pre-set colors or hit “choose” to select one with the color picker. The last several selections are remembered. The darker pre-set colors are the same as the lighter ones above them, just darker for dimmer versions.

Programming Your Digispark

Hit the download button and select your platform. Unzip or untar the file that is downloaded and run the “upload” script in the folder by double clicking or running it from the command line (from the same directory it is in).

DO NOT plug in your Digispark until it tells you to.

It will say to plug in your Digispark - do so when it says this and it should program. You can leave the Digispark attached to the Holiday Lights Kit or remove it - just ensure no batteries are in the kit if it is attached.

Once programmed reattach it to the kit (if you removed it) and power it on - after 5 seconds of all the LEDs being blue it will start your program.

For troubleshooting with the programming see here: Getting Started with your Digispark or Digispark Pro

Tips and Caveats

Do NOT run the kit from USB power when batteries are inserted. It will not harm your computer/power source but it may harm the batteries.

If you are using the option to have a button turn it on and off and powering from batteries, remove the batteries when not in use - it is not a low power device and it will deplete the batteries after a day or so in off mode. This was not originally planned as a feature which is why it has this limitation.

In the Web App, even if you are going to use a button to change colors, then click on that button on the image in the web app, and it should work as it would on the device. Button use for on/off is not emulated.

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