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 =====Software:​===== =====Software:​=====
-The DigiX uses the Arduino IDE 1.6.5++The DigiX uses the Arduino IDE 1.6.5+ ​ ​(Arduino 1.6.5r2 - NOT 1.6.6 or 1.6.7 strongly recommended) 
 ====== Installation Instructions:​ ====== ====== Installation Instructions:​ ======
   *  **First download the appropriate Arduino package at the website: https://​​en/​Main/​Software**   *  **First download the appropriate Arduino package at the website: https://​​en/​Main/​Software**
 +  *  If using Arduino 1.6.6 or higher and windows - download, unzip, and run "​Install Drivers"​ from here: https://​​digistump/​DigistumpArduino/​releases/​download/​1.6.7/​
   *  **Install or Unzip the Arduino application.**   *  **Install or Unzip the Arduino application.**
   *  **Run the Arduino application.**   *  **Run the Arduino application.**
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