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Installing the DigiX Software


The Digispark Pro uses the Arduino IDE - Digistump Release 1.5.x which is the Arduino IDE with some custom additions and supports Digispark, Digispark Pro, and DigiX. These are presented as a fully integrated package with 1.5.x that can be downloaded as an installed or zip file.

First download the appropriate package:

Windows Install

  • Complete these steps before plugging in the Digispark (Pro)
  • Installer: Run the installer, when it pops up the driver install, install the drivers as well. When complete run the “Arduino IDE - Digistump Release” from your start menu.
  • Zip: Unzip and run the driver install - which is the “Install Drivers.bat” file inside the drivers folder. Then run Arduino.exe to run the IDE.

Mac OS X Install

  • Disable Gatekeeper by following this tutorial: Disabling Gatekeeper on OSX
  • Unzip the App and drag it to your Programs folder - or whereever you would like to store it.
  • Run the “Arduino - Digistump Release” App that you just unzipped.
  • See the troubleshooting section below for any other issues.

Linux Install

  • Untar and run the Arduino executable.

Plug it in and away you go! It works like other Arduino boards, serial monitor works as well. Check out the examples as well as the other tutorials here and the “Due Only Libraries” here: for some of the cool features.

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