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Note: The nRF24L01+ modules is installed in a low profile socket but has normal height pins, to make it sit firmly and lower in its socket remove about 1/3 from each pin with a pair of wire cutters/angle clippers.

Examples can be found once you install the DigiX add ons at: Examples→RF24→

A great introduction to these modules:

Recommended library (included in the DigiX addon files): Tutorial on that library:

CSN uses pin 52 - CE is on Pin 53

Pin 51 can be connected to IRQ via the solder jumper on the bottom of the board.

The add-on files include the RF24 library and examples modified to work with the DigiX

If you use your own copy of the RF24 library the following line: RF24 radio(9,10); Should be changed to: RF24 radio(53,52);

A mesh network layer for the same library can be found here: (Tutorials on this need to be added!)

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