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   * [[digispark:​tutorials:​pronrf|Pro nRF Shield]] - [[digispark:​tutorials:​nrfmesh|Mesh Network Example]]   * [[digispark:​tutorials:​pronrf|Pro nRF Shield]] - [[digispark:​tutorials:​nrfmesh|Mesh Network Example]]
   * [[digispark:​tutorials:​gps|Pro GPS Shield]]   * [[digispark:​tutorials:​gps|Pro GPS Shield]]
-  * [[digispark:​tutorials:​robot|Robot Kit]]+  * [[digispark:​tutorials:​robot|Robot ​(Car) Kit]]
   * [[digispark:​tutorials:​lipo|LiPo Charger and Boost Kit]]   * [[digispark:​tutorials:​lipo|LiPo Charger and Boost Kit]]
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