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USB Troubleshooting

This page is intended to collect information, tips and trick on how to resolve possible problems with the recognition of your Digispark by the OS.


The digispark should fit smoothly in your usb port. It is possible that a brand new one will have tiny parts sticking out from the cutting proccess. This is easily resolved by sanding these just a bit.

A second hardware problem you may encounter is that the Digispark fits to loosly in the usb port. Sometimes this is visible becouse the Digispark sits in an angle. A good fix for this is a litle bit of stiky tape on the bottom of the spark and/or using a usb extention cable.

Short Socket

As Digispark has no fuse or current limiting socket, it is possibble to break Digispark by short socketing 5V line. In this case, D3 diode usually burns out. You can repair it, adding new diode in parallel:



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