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WiFi Module First Time Setup

  • Connect the assembled wifi module to your Digispark Pro and power it up.
  • On a computer, tablet, or smartphone connect to the USR-WIFI232-T wireless network.
  • If prompted for a login and password, the login is admin and the password is also admin.
  • If the text is in Chinese - select English in the upper right corner:

  • On the left hand side navigation click on Work Mode and then Select Mode: AP+STA mode and click Save

  • When it asks if you'd like to restart now or late - click the back button, so you can change some other settings first.

  • On the left hand side navigation click on STA Setting. Then click “Scan” to find your network. Find your network on the scan list, select it, and then enter the password and security settings if needed, and hit save.

  • This time you can hit restart and let the module restart so the settings take effect.

  • After allowing it some time to restart and disconnecting and reconnecting to the USR-WIFI232-T network you can go back to in your browser to confirm that it has connected to your wifi network. This is also where you can find the local IP address for the WiFi module when you are using it in server mode.

Your Wifi module is now set up and connected to your wifi network - you can now use the Client or Server tutorial to set it up for the type of sketch you are running

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