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Soldering Headers to the Digispark


Part Quantity Identification
1x6pin female 0.1“ pitch header 1
1x3pin female 0.1” pitch header 1

Soldering: If you are new to soldering we recommend the following tutorials: Soldering Basics ( and Soldering Crash Course from the folks at Sparkfun ( How to solder from the Curious Inventor:

Adafruit has this excellent guide that starts with the tools needed and then shows detailed pictures, including some of the common problems that beginners experience (

We assume for these assembly instructions that you know the basics of thru-hole soldering. If you don't check out the links above, these boards are very easy to solder - we promise!



Solder each header into the Digispark, black plastic on top, solder from the bottom.


The Digispark Pro looks like this.

If you'd like to use your Digispark with a breadboard you can cut 6 and 2 pin lengths of male headers (included for Kickstarters and Pre-orders) insert the 6 pin into the corresponding header and the 2 pin into the 5v and GND portion of the 3 pin female header. Flip the Digispark upside down and it should plug into most breadboards with the 5v and GND being connected into the power bus.

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