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DigiBlink - the DIY USB controlled RGB LED

Load the DigiUSB→DigiBlink example onto your Digispark

Attach the RGB Shield

Grab the example programs here: Or use the command line tools provided with the Digispark IDE version to easily roll your own

DigiRGB allows you to change the color of the connected DigiBlink

As seen here:

DigiRGBMail is a mailinator addition for DigiRGB - it checks for emails coming to a specified mailinator account and changes the LED to the color in the subject line of the latest email.

Digispark - CheerLights - connects the Digispark to the project - changing it to the latest cheerlights color as long as it is running in your tray/menu.

NOTE: These are all written in python but have not been tested completely across all OSes - we welcome any and all fixes and binaries here:

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