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 =====Programming:​===== =====Programming:​=====
 +For advanced AT commands (for changing name, etc) see the datasheet for the HM-10 module that is used on this shield: {{:​digispark:​tutorials:​bluetooth40_en.pdf|}}
 +For ANCS (Apple Notification Center Service) instructions see here (Note: Please use the forums for all ANCS support - we cannot support it directly as we do not have experience with it): [[digispark:​tutorials:​hm10ancs|digispark:​tutorials:​hm10ancs]]
 +**Mobile app examples for Android and iOS (iOS development requires iOS dev setup or jailbroken phone)(phonegap/​cordova based):**
 +(these can be edited with only a working knowledge of Javascript and HTML - see for more about how it all works) ​
 +Mobile Robot App for iOS - in ObjC - by Miirek: https://​​Miirek/​BLEBot ​
 **Example changing DigiLED over BLE** **Example changing DigiLED over BLE**
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     // look for the newline. That's the end of your     // look for the newline. That's the end of your
     // sentence:     // sentence:
-    // if ( == '​\n'​) { 
     if ( == '​\n'​) {     if ( == '​\n'​) {
       // sends confirmation       // sends confirmation
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