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 =====Assembly:​===== =====Assembly:​=====
 +**NOTE:** Before you start: If you have a multimeter check for shorts between the GND pin hole and the other pin holes - if you find any please send us an email at support at digistump dot com and we will replace the board.
 [[https://​​digispark/​images/​m/​9dof1.JPG|{{https://​​digispark/​images/​t/​9dof1.JPG}}]] [[https://​​digispark/​images/​m/​9dof1.JPG|{{https://​​digispark/​images/​t/​9dof1.JPG}}]]
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     ​     ​
     initGyro();     initGyro();
-    ​+ 
 +    DigiKeyboard.delay(1000); ​   // Open Notepad (or similar) and make sure it has the focus 
 +  ​
 } }
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