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Posted on 04/16/2014 | share
We are very happy to announce our next project launch and a big brother to the Digispark - the Digispark Pro! 

We have listened to all the suggestions, complaints, and feedback about the Digispark and have tried to work as many improvements as possible into the Pro, while still keeping it very affordable and compatible with the existing Digispark shields!

The Digispark Pro is now on Kickstarter: Please check it out! 


Some of the improvements we've incorporated into the Pro:

  • More program space - the Pro has over 14kb available for user programs (16kb total)
  • USB Serial and Debugging - the Pro supports emulating a Serial USB Device - this means the Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE can be used with it, and it can also be easily integrated using Serial communications with computers or mobile devices. It is also compatible with Firmata.
  • More i/o pins, more buses - the Pro has 14 i/o, true SPI, I2C, and UART
  • Mobile development ready - With a WiFi, Bluetooth, and BLE shield and App examples, the Pro is one of the cheapest ways to get into mobile development.
  • External Crystal for more reliable USB
  • A Reset/Program button
  • User accessible solder jumpers to disable LEDs, and other features for lower power consumption
  • Two mounting holes.  
  • Breadboard compatible pin out/spacing (the three side header pins are only for legacy shield support).
  • Compatible with Arduino IDE 1.5 (OSX/Win/Linux)  
  • Fully signed drivers and executable for easy installation

What hasn't changed?

  • It's still super affordable - $10 each at quantity (only $1 more than the Digispark) - $14 for one with US shipping. This is a special Kickstarter price - so support us now to get this price, and get special discounts on shields. 

If you're interested please check it out and consider supporting it:

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Innovations fueled by Digistump
What have you made with your Digistump products?

Every week we hear about some of the awesome things that our products were used to help develop. Whether it is a DigiX used in the prototype or Digisparks used in production - we love hearing what you're up to!

One of those projects is the Glowdeck - a wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, LED light system, and wifi-enabled notifications platform called Streams. Justin the creator of Glowdeck used a DigiX to build his prototype, then he hired us to integrate the technology into a production ready prototype, we were happy to help! It's doing awesome on Kickstarter - you can check it out here:

Need help with your prototypes, production, or design? Digistump does contract work as well - get in touch if you are interested (, we'd love to help!

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