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Posted on 04/24/2013 | share
Note: There is a special 5% off offer at the end of this post!

We are happy to announce another new product - this one is aimed at making the Digispark easier to use when developing and debugging projects.

The Digispark Programming Tool is a USB switch which allows you to disconnect and reconnect your Digispark by flipping a switch, instead of unplugging it and plugging it back in. This is quicker, more reliable, and saves your connectors some wear and tear. Using the Programming Tool also ensures a good connection between the computer and Digispark. We've included a red LED that lights when the Digispark is not connected - that way you won't wonder why it isn't working when you just have it turned off. The LED can be left off the board if it is not desired. 

We think this is a good way to keep the Digispark small and cheap, while providing an easier programming flow and better connection when first developing and debugging a project. We're already using them in our development flow.

The Programming Tool can also be used to switch on and off an USB powered device!

As always - it is available in both Kit and PCB form:
And we've added a wiki page with assembly instructions as well: Digispark Programming Tool Tutorial

As with all of our products the schematic, eagle files, and a link to the wiki page can be found on the resources tab on the product page.

And if you haven't already check out last week's new product:

Special Offer:

As an added bonus from today (4/24) through Sunday (midnight PDT 4/28) enter coupon code PROGTOOL on the cart page to get 5% off of your order! (you don't have to buy a Programming Tool to get the discount, no minimum, discount excludes shipping)

We continue to look for ways to make our products as affordable as possible - for our international customers we've lowered shipping to start at $10 for First Class - this is below cost for most orders - we know international shipping is expense and we hope that will help!

US shipping still starts at $3, Canadian shipping starts at $8.

We'll have another new product next week! And we're sending prototypes out to be fabricated right now for our next two Kickstarters (or so we hope!) - one of which is the follow-up to the Digispark! We're also working on providing laser cutting, stencil, and PCB services! Stay tuned and if you haven't yet you can sign up for our mailing list on the left hand side of this page.

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