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Posted on 04/24/2015 | share

Introducing the Oak by Digistump!

The cheap, tiny, cloud enabled Wi-Fi dev board. Arduino compatible, 32-bit, wireless programming, and a REST API data cloud!

We are very excited to announce our next project launch - the Oak by Digistump! 

Back in the first 24 hours and get a very special early bird price - $10 (or $30 for 3) with USA shipping included ($5 extra for international shipping) - that's like getting the Oak for $7 before shipping! We're letting all of our past supporters know, so that they can get in on this great deal.

Please check it out:

 Some of the features of Oak and the RootCloud:

  • High Performance - 32-bit 80 Mhz MCU, 64kb RAM, ~300KB+ for user programs
  • Wireless Uploads and Debugging - All programming and serial style debugging is wireless, and fast! Click upload in the RootCloud IDE or the Arduino IDE and BAM! your code gets uploaded to your Oak in just a few seconds - no matter where in the world it is! No more drivers!
  • The RootCloud - a IOT data cloud - the Oak is backed by the (optional but forever free) RootCloud, a real-time and persistant data cloud for your devices.
  • REST API - Use the RootCloud to interact with your Oak remotely via cURL, command line, IDE, or your favorite programming language
  • Online IDE - Use our advanced Arduino compatible IDE to program, debug, and interact with your Oak!
  • Real-time Dashboards - Use our dashboard builder to build a real-time dashboard with the data from your Oak, and then share it!
  • Simple setup - Connect to the Oak, set the wifi info, and away you go! You can even control it with no programming required!
  • Compatible with most Digispark Shields

All for the special limited time price of $10 each

We won't fill this message with too many of the details, if you're interested please check it out and consider supporting it: 

Help us spread the word!

As you probably know - Here at Digistump we're all about Open Source projects - we have no marketing people, no marketing budget, and we don't use any dirty tricks to get people's attention - we just rely on word of mouth - so please help us spread the word about the Oak and the RootCloud by clicking a few of the links below, or telling your favorite blog. Believe us, every mention helps, and supporters asking blogs to write about us is the best way for us to get covered!

  • Send a tweet about it: Click here for a sample tweet
  • This is the one we need the most help with: Send a tip to a blog or news outlet (,,,,,
  • Tell your friends! Tell your favorite blogs! Tell your local hackerspace!
  • Post our project on Reddit (, share it on your favorite electronics forums, etc.
  • Share it on Facebook: Click here!

Thank you all for your continued support of Digistump - an open source, family owned, company.
-Erik and the Digistump Family

Store Specials

While you're waiting for your Oak - check out these products at and get 15% off with coupon code "OAK" (Expires 4/30/2015):

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