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Change Log
« on: December 20, 2012, 01:02:38 am »
This is the official change log for the Digispark ready Arduino builds - since we reference the Arduino version by version number, Digispark ready build are done by date.

You can always find the newest software version here:

May 19:

Added examples and libraries for one-wire temperature shield, wii nunchuck shield.

Fixes for DigiUSB command line program missing characters.
Fixes for receive command line program ending with a diamond character.

Integrated some great changes form RC Navy:

1) librairies:
-a) fix some path issue in header files
-b) added examples
-c) fix keyword.txt for syntax color
-d) added half duplex capability on a single wire in SoftSerial
-e) added TinySoftPwm library to allow PWM on any Pin whilst keeping DigiUSB
-f) added VirtualWire with some improvements: code size reduction + capability to call an external function in ISR (for example to share the timer for calling periodically the TinySoftPwm manager).

2) core:
-a) added a modification to allow high speed hardware PWM on Pin0 (up to 32.2KHz), 1 (up to 64.5KHz) and 4 (up to 64.5KHz) without breaking micros(), millis(), delay() and without disturbing DigiUSB. FAVOR_PHASE_CORRECT_PWM shall be set to 0 in core_build_option.h, otherwise Pin1 can only reach 32.2KHz and not 64.5KHz.
March 29:
Win: Fixed program crash when Digispark already plugged in.

March 26
Fixed scrolling issue with digiusb command line tool.
Fixed all known compilation issues.

Mach 20 - AKA DigisparkArduino-1.0.4
Integrated Arduino 1.0.4 release.
Major improvements to the DigiUSB libraries (Bluebie)
Update to latest micronucleus upload tool (Bluebie)
Core improvements and burn bootloader function (Bluebie) - use the burn bootloader at your own risk, it works great in our testing but we can't replace any devices bricked using it
Added timeout and run immediately after upload to avrdude-dummy (digistump)
Add compiled command line tools for DigiUSB including a serial monitor type application - digiusb (digistump)
Added many user contributed libraries, improvements, etc (digistump)
Reorganized libraries and examples to make it clear which are for Arduino and which for Digispark (digistump)
OSX: attempted to build with 32bit compatibility and fix invalid app issues
Linux: Built 32 and 64 bit versions

Jan 8:
OSX: Fix issue with gcc linker (ld) when sketch is over ~4kb

Jan 5:
OSX- hopefully a fix to 10.8 corruption issues for some
All - Added DigiScope example and Digiscope example program
Linux - Binary of DigiUSB Monitor

Jan 4:
Added Linux Binary Packages!
All - Added folder of example programs (for the computer side of things)! Including DigiUSB example programs and DigiBlink example programs!
All - Added USB2LCD example - see wiki for more info
OSX - Hopefully fixed some of the corrupt app issues
OSX - Restructured download and app file
Probably some more thing's I'm forgetting right now

ALSO: Major update to the wiki today!

Dec 30:
OSX and Win - fix for spaces in avrdude path when using original arduinos
All - Added joystick and mouse libraries from duckythescientist
All - updated keyboard library to have note about sending an empty key after a pause

Dec 20 (rev2):
OSX - Fixed path bug in avrdude-dummy (yeah should have seen that coming), fixed linking in micronucleus

Dec 20:
OSX - Included libusb library with upload tool for macs that don't have it.
Win - Fixed path bug in avrdude-dummy
All - Fixed tiny core and DigiUSB library

Dec 19:
Win - static linked DLLs for uploader
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