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Simple Automatic Dog Bowl Waterer
« on: February 22, 2013, 04:29:11 am »

 First Post so please forgive any improper posting etiquette.

I used the digispark to analog read when water was high enough in the bowl. When it fell below the line, the circuit (from 5V through 1M ohm resister to pin 5) was broken. When the circuit breaks I set Pin 0 high to trigger a 5v relay  The relay passes 120v AC to a small solenoid salvaged from a dishwasher. The open Solenoid sends water to the bowl for 5 seconds, pauses to see if the analog circuit is back up, else runs again.  I have three 100 lbs dogs so water levels can drop quickly.  I added some logic to allow one back to back 5 sec fill without any consequences. if the have multiple back to back fills (like they are playing in the bowl...) it will kill the fills after 5 fills.  it will reset the kill counter once a day just to make it a little hassle free.
I attached a fritzing to give an Idea but it was actually set up on a digi proto board and the relay was a seeed studios groove relay (pwr,gnd,sig). I'll post the code as well. one is arduino uno r3 the other is digispark.

Fun Project that you can make in about an hour. If doing it again I would definitely get a 5v solenoid to make the wiring simpler. I ended attaching a 120v AC cable to the prongs of a cellphone adapter and using the cell for my Vin on digispark.  splice the 120v ac over to the relay and solenoid.  painted everything bare with liquid electrical tape as this is a water project...  5v would have been 10x easier to wire up.

Super easy project keep the doggies hydrated in this heat.

Have Fun