Author Topic: Failing to compile sketchbook with the DigisparkKeyboard library on Android  (Read 7126 times)


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I'm using the app ArduinoDroid ( and a Digispark 16.5 attiny85.
Compiling works fine on Windows and Ubuntu, but since adding libaries is a bit different on Android, I had to add the DigisparkKeyboard library
manually to the ArduinoDroid/libraries folder, which worked fine. But when trying to compile, I get the following error in the file

In function 'usbInit':
/path/to/usbdrv.c:618: undefined reference to 'usbCrc16Append'
/path/to/usbdrv.c:618: undefined reference to 'usbCrc16Append'
collect2: error: Id returned 1 exit status
Return code is not 0

Unfortunatlely, there doesn't seem to be any logs and I can't copy the compilation-output. I will provide any further information if needed.
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