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Using IR remote to control PC/emulate keyboard, HID


Hello folks,
so I've been struggling the past few days to get it working correctly.
The plan is like this: control PC using a normal/standrad TV remote or any other kind of remote.
Well, I made the digispark to control the PC, no worries, used the "DigiKeyboard.h" library, used "DigiKeyboard.sendKeyStroke(xxxx);" command to use the keys.
Works just fine, now, the issue is controlling it with a remote.

With a TSOP4838 IR reciever, I'm able to pick up any of my remotes, decode them with an Arduino, and also works with digispark when turning a LED on or OFF (but the code is some ordinary plain code, no libraries used, so ANY key means LED on or OFF).

The issue is using the IR reciever with key sending at the same time. I tried the IRremote.h library (that I  tried before on an UNO which went just fine), but I end up exceeding the digispark's total code memory, with "...avr/bin/ld.exe: region `text' overflowed by 774 bytes" error.

My question is, has anyone been successfull with making this possible? I could really use some guiding here.

Thanks in advance!


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