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ATtiny167 Device not recognized
« on: September 19, 2019, 11:08:27 am »
           I'm frustrated I feel like I am 90% there but my computer will not recognize the ATtiny167. Here i9s the list of things I have completed/tried using Windows 10 and Arduino 1.8.6;

                      1) Installed Driver USB Bootloader is complete
                      2) Device Management I see the device
                      3) Arduino Sketch select 16.5 MHz board in parameters
                      4) Led on the board flashes sound beeps and stops flashing
                      5) "Device not recognized"
                      6) I have rebooted many times. I deleted everything and started over again with same       
                      7) Used a 3rd party software to look at my USB ports it see the device
                       I have tried more than one device as well

             I'm stuck at this point. I've tried running example programs however the device is not recognized.

Any suggestions?