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Topic moved here as it is Oak related...

kaukub99 writes:

I haven't used my oak for some time and now when I brought it out again I have run into a strange issue. It connects to wifi and particle cloud and seems to run some software I programmed it with last time. When i try to load new software (tested different example code) to it, Particle (also test with Arduino IDE) reports successful update and the oak is indicating that it is being updated by flashing led, BUT the software does not seems to be written to the oak at all since pins, onboard led, particle functions and variables are not functioning/shown. It almost seems as the oak has RO memory...
I was thinking that perhaps it could have something to do with the slots and that it reverts back to previous software for some reason. Do anyone have any advice?

If your Oak LED is returning to the 3 flash state, it is likely that the update failed despite what the update reports. I've seen this  many times. Try flashing a simple blink sketch and if you continue to get failures it may be the known Particle unreliable OTA update issue that many have encountered. You might consider removing your Oak from Particle as many have to avoid this frustration. See the links relating the removing the Oak from Particle.,2718.0.html A wiki link can be found here:,2718.msg13948.html#msg13948