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Digispark -1 error when uploading sketch


Hello guy I am on mac os with arduino 1.6.5r5 and I am trying to upload a blank sketch to the core but I always receive the error :
> Starting to upload ...
writing: 70% complete
writing: 75% complete
writing: 80% complete
> Starting the user app ...
>> Run error -1 has occured ...
>> Please unplug the device and restart the program.

Any idea why that maybe because so far I had never problem uploading to the chip

I have also run into this error. After much searching on the Internet, I have found no answer. It seems to be on the Digispark side, because when I switch to another Digispark, it works. It may be that re-flashing the bootloader will fix it, but I have not tried that yet (lazy, sorry - however, pretty soon my pile of dead Digisparks will be big enough that I will try that.  :P )


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