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Hello, friends, brothers and sisters, Pantip, today, mint will tell you about the weight loss of mint from 60.5 to 48.95 In a small apartment

Before Mint is not a fat person. Had been very thin before 43-44 but at that time he felt thin And no water, no clay The face is not a beautiful person. The general is even more skinny than the ghost. 55 Eaten continuously It's not fat. But passed away for a while I don't know what to eat at that time. At the age of 22, I went to eat and went to the 50th place. I started to complain about my own fat. People don't really have a fit. But did not stop eating Because the crotch together from the end If counting up to 12 years now It saw us developing all the time. Well, we don't stop eating. Eat, eat, start to come. Weight 60. Now, age 28, this is a lot. Some people are fat and cute.
But we were wrong. Fat and Croat is ugly. The girlfriend said that it can be accepted. 5555 But if you want to look a little better, you lose weight. Like fooling Really mint, come down often All the way that he is good Eating medicine still secretly, then yo yo go 3-4 Intensive formula. Try it all. Use the camera to take a picture for the back. And we like to blame her for not being beautiful. But forgot to blame myself

This is to blame for the time fat fans don't dare to shoot full.
Then, like aunt, who doesn't know She said like Che will go to share

Look, day by day, it's a big belly, black neck.
But can accept it 555

Then we are online traders But before wearing clothes, the store itself can not be put back. To watch live Want to live with him, some are embarrassed

Friends start to say hello That fat is much reduced People around tease a lot. We were able to find care, not to say just plump. Wear clothes again The old clothes were not stuffed, so I thought I could reduce it

Beginning to reduce, starting at the end of April, about 29-30 April 61 because it can't stand.
Mint uses the formula that I think And then see google And then watch this person

First, try not to eat at night first.
Is eating anything, no more than after 6 pm, eating normally, still not exercising At that time the focus was on weight.
That month was reduced to 57. Eat normally, but don't eat late at night. 1 month can reduce this.

After entering the 2nd month, Mint began to study continuously about low-sodium foods. Began to change the ingredients Both sugar turns into coconut sugar. The oil turns white soy sauce, fish sauce, buy a grill, buy a hot air fryer. The picture may not come out, some things are not taken.

The weight came down.

Until entering the 3rd month, Mint began to do the third thing Is exercise 30 days a day, 5-6 days a week Mint, finding his own flaws in front of the mirror, how to defect himself, where he is, big belly, big legs
Big arms start to google YouTube to find a specific exercise posture and continue to eat according to the second month. There is a fall. After eating until 1 pm, there are some. But will not exceed this Weight reduction


It takes time to do it regularly. Exercise in many different ways in a narrow room before going to bed.
Reply to the customer, then come out. Then forgot to tell Mint to sleep very late. Hit 3, hit 4 but don't think that can be reduced
Go out and come to the end now.

After this, we do not focus on weighing again. Keep exercising Don't count cal

Began to wear clothes continuously Build muscle What to do when you are free from answering customers Cook some food to eat the next day. And feel more happy with the puppet itself Like more than episode 44 I really like the 50th episode of the episode that complained of being overweight. It feels smaller. Firmer puppet Until customers in Facebook Did a friend in AIG come to ask? And can be reduced by sharing food together, feeling very good Get more friendship The girlfriend then said it was thin. I am happy too. Hahahahahaha passed through together very hard. See each other But she was always beside
I want to encourage people who think that I can't do it. Try to open my mind. Try doing it. Look at it. Must be ours for a certain day. Pim is very long. People like to type long. Sorry. If it's too hot. The language may not be all right. What's wrong? Sorry. Thank you very much

A little later The most important thing that Mint does. Mint really do one by one. We've missed a lot. I've never done it many times. So we try to do it one by one. Makes everything shin Do step by step, don't have to hurry the results, come yourself. Oh, exercise. There are smaller things, milk. While it no longer exists

And then the excretion One day in a liter From before 3-4 days. Now much better