Author Topic: Digispark - Digispark connection issues  (Read 279 times)


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Digispark - Digispark connection issues
« on: May 06, 2019, 06:30:37 am »
Hello. I am trying to make the following thing work:
I have 2 Digisparks. The first one types some keys using DigiKeyboard Library. (this is already working)
The second one is connected to a computer and receives data from it using the "pyserial" library and the digicdc llibrary (this is also working)
I want the first digispark to only types what its supposed to type, if it receives some kind of input from the second one.
However, I cant get it to work. I effectively only need to get the second digispark to transfer a single bit to the first one.
How can I achieve this? I've tried connecting them both using a simple jumper cable and digitalRead() / digitalWrite() on the respective pins / devices.
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