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Digispark not reconized
« on: October 06, 2018, 02:29:02 pm »
My digispark was working fine a while but today I wanted to do something with it but when plugging to the computer it not reconized it I tried it on another computer it work fine. I search on internet I find that on Arduino 1.6.6 and higher you need to install driver I installed the driver not working tried uninstalling the unreconized peripheral, reinstalling driver, reinstalling didn't work. After I have uninstalled the driver and Arduino to installed Arduino 1.6.5 it work only one time I unplug and plug it back not working anymore. After reading on the Internet I found that windows backup driver I found file that I think it the driver and delete them now the code that was on it execute but I can't program it with the arduino. Thanks for the help